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If you have a luxury boat that you would like to use as an asset for your loan, we can help! We have a team of knowledgeable appraisers who can determine an accurate value for your boat in no time. When it comes to modern boats, we can quickly pinpoint the market value by analyzing the year, make, model, and overall condition. We will also take into account any special features or options that you may have in your boat.

In addition to these considerations, we will also consult boat auctions and other resources when it comes to appraising a classic boat. We even have contacts in the boating industry that have expert knowledge when it comes to pricing classic boat models. No matter what type of boat you own, you can trust our team to get you the loan value that you deserve. If you would like to learn more about the luxury boat appraising process contact us today!

Get Your Boat to Us

At EZborrow, the satisfaction of our clients is always our top priority. That is why we work hard to make sure the entire loan process is discreet as possible. This means that we won�t be sending a marked truck to your home to pick up your boat. We will send a discreet courier who can transport your boat to our nearest facility without drawing addition to you or your family. No matter what type of boat you own, we can quickly and easily transport it without causing you undo hassle or concern.

In addition to discreet transportation, we also focus on safety and security any time we move your property. Your luxury boat is no exception and we take the necessary measures to ensure your property is moved without harm. From the moment we pick up your boat to the instant you pay back your loan, you can expect your asset to be in its original condition.


The security of your boat will always be one of our top priorities when you acquire an asset-based loan from us. From the moment your boat leaves your hands, it will be insured by us and our partners for an amount that covers, at a minimum, its fair market value.

In addition to insuring your boat, you can also rest easy knowing that we work with some of the most reliable names in the transportation and storage industry. Our team and our partners will take the necessary steps to ensure your boat remains in its original condition throughout the entire team it stays with us.

We will store your boat in a highly secure, temperature-controlled facility until you repay your loan. Providing reliable security for your assets is always important to the EZborrow team, and we are always here to answer questions and address any concerns you may have about security.

Ultimate Care

Any time you use your boat to acquire an asset-based loan, you can expect our team to treat it with care throughout the entire process. We don�t simply store your boat away and forget about it for months. No, instead we start off by providing you with a full condition report that goes over every aspect of your boat. This report comes complete with high definition photographs and it can be useful if you ever want to sell your boat.

Providing you with a condition report is just the first step of our ultimate care promise. Once your boat arrives at our facility, it will be kept in a carefully controlled environment that is closely monitored by our team. We will also provide a standard wash, monthly start-ups, and other services designed to keep your boat looking and running like new. Before we return your boat, we will provide a follow-up inspection to ensure every aspect of your boat is in the same condition it was when you first brought it to us.

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