How It Works

Our EZ Three step process is designed to get the maximum value for you in minimum time.


You Apply,
We Appraise

Come in to our convenient Farmingdale location and have one of our highly trained and expert EZborrow appraisers assess the value of your asset. Appraisers give you the best offer possible on the spot based on their years of experience and knowledge of the item�s market value. Depending on the value of your assets and the assessed market value, we offer up to $1,000,000 for your items.


You Accept,
We Wire

Once you have received the assessment of the EZborrow appraiser, review the loan terms, interest rate and conditions, and accept the offer to have cash lent immediately for your item. Funds are transferred to you in cash at our office or wired directly to your account for convenient withdrawal as soon as you sign.


You Pay Back,
We Return Asset

Repay EZborrow according to the terms of your lending offer, usually within four months, though extensions are available in most cases. Once we have received full repayment, we return your item back to you. Items will always be returned in the same condition as you brought it to us, as all items are catalogued, entered into our tracking database and secured in a facility with 24/7 monitoring or in a high-security vault.


What type of assets can I lend?
We understand that everyone has different assets to lend, which is why we offer a wide range of options. Just some of what you can use as an asset includes luxury cars, boats, jewelry, watches, fine art, construction equipment, and even wine collections. If you aren�t sure you have an asset that we will accept just ask us!

What amount of money can I borrow?
Depending on your assets and how much you need, we can lend up to $1,000,000. We offer loan-to-values anywhere from 30-70% of the market value of your asset.
How do you determine the value of my assets?
At EZborrow, we have a team of dedicated appraisers with the expertise and resources needed to accurately value your assets. All of our appraisers have experience in at least one specialty, meaning we can find the right appraiser to work with your specific assets, regardless of what you have.
What do you mean by �market value?�
The market value represents the current resale value of your asset. This value is typically lower than the initial price you paid for something like jewelry or a modern car. Typically when you buy something it loses anywhere from 30% to 60% of its original retail value.
What will be my interest rate?
We offer interests rates from 2.99% to 3.99% per month. We also have a setup cover charge that covers appraisal costs, transportation, and other things related to your loan. This fee can be anywhere from 3% to 5%. Three months after taking out your loan you will qualify for our customer loyalty program which discounts future loans by 2% to 4%.
Is there a limit to how long I can borrow?
Most of our loans last for 6 months we do also offer 9 and 12 month loan periods depending on your needs.
Do you offer loan extensions?
We are happy to offer loan extensions. After applying for an extension you will first need to pay off any unpaid interest and also pay another set-up fee for your loan.
CWhat happens if I change my mind about needing a loan?
Before accepting the loan, you can change your mind at any time. After we complete the appraisal process and agree to the terms of the loan, you will sign a binding contract.
How soon will I receive the loan?
We can transfer your loan to you as soon as we sign the agreement.
How do I pay back my loan?
We accept a variety of methods when it comes to paying back your loan including wire transfers, cash deposits, and check and debit card payments.
How will my credit rating be affected if I don�t pay back the loan in time?
Your credit rating will not be impacted if you do not pay back your loan. Instead we will sell your assets and, after paying back your loan with the money, will return the rest to you. In fact we will never make a profit off of your assets, which is our guarantee to you.
What transportation options do you offer for getting my assets to you?
We offer several options depending on the type of asset you are entrusting to us. Just some of your options include FedEx shipping, in-home appraisals, courier pickup, and more. You can even bring your assets directly to us if you feel more comfortable. Worried about your cars? Don't be, we'll arrange for your vehicle to be collected by one of our discreet (unmarked) transporters to meet you at the location of your choice. Sending us a special bottle of wine? Transportation of your wine will be done by our of our specialty wine handlers and taken to our wine storage partners for safe keeping.
What type of storage and security do you offer for my assets?
We have several storage partners like Citibank who will store your valuable in high-security vaults. In fact we have partners who specialize in everything from luxury car to watch storage so you can rest easy knowing your assets are always safe with us.
What is a sale advance loan?
This type of loan is one that is secured against a personal asset before the asset is sold at an auction or through a private sale. The benefit of this is that it provides you with up to 70% of the sale price and we handle the sale for you.
What are the differences between a sale advance loan and personal asset loan?
With a sale advance loan, you are providing us with your asset in exchange for a loan so we can sell it. A personal asset loan is when you exchange an asset for a loan that we keep until you pay your loan back.
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