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Mercedes or Ferrari, Aston Martin or Tesla, EZBorrow lends against these expensive toys to provide you with the funds you need!


When you bring your modern luxury car to EZborrow, you can trust our team of knowledgeable appraisers to determine a fair, accurate value for your vehicle. Because every automobile is different, we consider a number of factors any time we appraise a new vehicle. For example, just some of the things we take into account are the year, make, and model of the car. We also inspect it to determine its overall condition and take note of things like mileage and any noticeable wear and tear.

In addition to modern vehicles, we can also appraise classic luxury cars. Because classic cars often have a value that is beyond what we can easily determine, we enlist the help of professionals in the field and consult sources like classic car auctions. No matter what type of classic or modern luxury vehicle you bring to us, we will make sure you receive the appropriate value.

Get Your Car to Us

Once we have appraised your vehicle the next step in the borrowing process is getting your car to one of our secure storage facilities. In order to keep things discreet, we will not be sending an EZborrow tow truck to your home. Instead, an unmarked vehicle will arrive at a time of your choosing to pick up your luxury car. This way we can quickly secure your vehicle without drawing attention to the process. Once we pick up your car you can rest easy knowing it is being handled with care and attention by experienced members of our transportation and security team.

If you would rather transport your luxury vehicle yourself, you can bring it directly to the nearest EZborrow facility. Simply let us know you want to make the delivery yourself and we will provide you with our address. A member of our team will be there waiting for you ready to help you complete the transaction.


No matter what type of luxury car you entrust in our care, you can feel confident knowing that your vehicle will be fully insured from the moment it leaves your home. From transportation to storage, we make sure to handle your car with care and attention throughout the entire process. Our minimum insurances will cover the market value of your automobile and not only do we provide our own insurance, but your vehicle will also be insured through our storage partners like Sphere Motorsports and Top Store.

In addition to insurance coverage, we take several steps to ensure your vehicle remains in its original condition. We don�t determine the value of your car until it arrives at one of our facilities, and once we catalog and photograph every detail of the vehicle we carefully place it into storage until you pay back your loan. Above all else we want to give you peace of mind with the knowledge that your car will always be in good hands with our team.

Ultimate Care

Any time you store a luxury vehicle with us, you can expect the EZborrow team to provide the ultimate care that your car deserves. Once your car arrives at one of our highly secure storage facilities, we will determine its value, complete the loan process, and provide you with a full condition report that details every aspect of your vehicle. This report, along with photographs of your car, will help you keep track of your car�s value and condition at all times.

While your car is at our facility, we keep it stored in a room with the optimal conditions needed to keep your vehicle in top shape. Every aspect of our facility is carefully controlled down to the specific temperature of the storage area. In addition to keeping your car safe and secure, we will also wash it, rotate the tires, and check the battery and fluid levels on a regular basis.

We also have optional services that you can take advantage of depending on the value of your automobile. Just a few of our optional services include tire pressure regulation, battery charges, and full service detailing.

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