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From Rolex to Cartier and Omega, EZBorrow is an expert at valuing these timepieces to provide you with the best possible loan.


At EZborrow, our team of experienced appraisers understands that every watch is different and unique. We put the time and care into each appraisal session to ensure you get an accurate value for your luxury watch. Of course the major factors will be the brand and model of your watch, but other factors like the age and rarity of the piece also play considerable roles in determining the final price. We will also carefully inspect the condition of your watch and make note of any signs of superficial damage such as dents or scratches. Our team will also make sure the watch works properly and analyze whether or not any replacement parts are needed. We will also take into account any additional items you may have such as a bill of sale, original packaging, and others.

The EZborrow team has the knowledge and experience needed to accurately place a value on your luxury watch. However, to give you the assurance you deserve we also consult manufacturer databases and other resources to ensure our estimate is as accurate as possible.

Get You Watch to Us

Any time you take advantage of our luxury watch loan services, we want to give you a variety of options when it comes to getting your watch to us. We are happy to offer the following transportation methods to our clients:

  • FedEx:We will provide you with a FedEx shipping label that you can use to send your watch to our nearest location. This shipping label is free, insured, and will allow you to make use of either the SameDay or Overnight Declared Value Advantage service from FedEx. Both of these options are designed to safely transport valuable items including watches.
  • Collection:Whether you have a large collection of watches or a single watch with a very high value, we understand if you do not want to worry about shipping it through a third party. That is why we are happy to provide personalized transportation from your location to our nearest facility.
  • Bring your watch to us:Simply make an appointment with an EZborrow appraiser and you can transport the watch yourself to our nearest location. Once there, we will carry out the rest of the appraisal and loan process as quickly as possible.
  • Home appraisal:We are happy to appraise any of your watches at your location before you even begin to worry about transporting your collection to us. Contact us today to set up an appointment time with one of our appraisers.


You can always trust the dedicated team at EZborrow to keep your watch safe and secure throughout the entire loan process. From the moment your watch leaves your hands you can expect us to treat it with care and attention to ensure it remains in its original condition. We provide insurance that covers the fair market value of your piece and our underwriters are Lloyds of London, so you can rest easy knowing that your watch will be covered no matter what.

In Transit:

  • When you send your watch to us through FedEx the SameDay service includes up to $100,000 worth of insurance while the Overnight services comes with $50,000.
  • Your items will be insured up to $500,000 any time one of our employees transports your collection. This also applies any time one of our appraisers transports your collection to one of our valuation centers.
  • No matter how you get your watch to us, we will make sure you have the insurance you need to transport it without concern.

With Us:

As soon as we receive your watch or collection at one of our facilities, it is fully documented and handled with care by experienced members of our team. Once the loan transaction is complete we will store your watch in either one of our personal vaults or with one of our partners like Citibank. Regardless of where we store your watch, it will be fully insured and kept under the tightest security.

Ultimate Care

We take several steps to ensure your watch is kept in its original condition throughout the entire loan process. As soon as we receive your watch, we will provide you with a complete condition report that details every aspect of your piece. This report also includes photographs and can be extremely useful if you ever plan on insuring your watch or even cosigning it to an auction.

Beyond providing a condition report, we will also ensure your watch is properly stored and cared for. If you do not have a box for your watch, we will provide one for you. We also offer optional services including cleaning, polishing, and more depending on your wishes. If you have any questions about our luxury watch appraisal services, or if you would like to learn more about how we will care for your watch, contact us today to speak with a helpful member of our team.

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