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Fine Art
No matter what type of fine art you bring to us, we will take the same steps when it comes to determine a fair and accurate value. We have appraisers who are well versed in the world of fine art and will take into account a variety of factors including artist, current demand for the piece, condition, and more. We also consult private sale databases in order to determine the current market value.

We understand that almost anything can be considered an antique. Regardless of what type of antique you have, where it�s from, and what year it was made, our appraisers can determine an accurate price. In fact members of our team have worked in some of the top auction houses around the world and all have the knowledge and resources needed to complete the appraising process. We won�t consider our job done until we consult all of our sources when it comes to your antique.

Get You Art to Us

We want to make getting your art to us as simple as possible. That is why we offer a variety of ways for you to transport your fine art or antiques including the following:

  • FedEx:We will provide you with a free FedEx shipping label for either SameDay or Overnight Declared Value Advantage shipping. Either of these options will ensure your art gets to us safe and on time.
  • Collection:If you have a valuable art collection and you don�t want to worry about transporting it yourself, one of our couriers can head to your location and take care of the entire process for you!
  • Bring your art to us:Would you rather handle the transportation for your art? If so, you can easily schedule an appointment with our team and deliver the art to one of our facilities yourself.
  • Home appraisal:We understand if you don�t want to move your valuable art out of your house before the appraisal process is complete. Because of this we offer in-home appraisals for high value collections.


We want to ensure you that your fine art will always be secure when it is in our hands. Not only will we handle your art carefully and respectfully, but we will also provide at the minimum insurance that covers its fair market value.

The minimum insurance is the fair market value of your assets; never less, often more. This is provided by both our courier and storage partners, as well as our own insurance, which is provided by underwriters who are part of Lloyds of London. Need we say more?

In Transit:

  • Your fine art will be insured for $50,000 if you send it to us using the FedEx Overnight service and $100,000 any time you use their SameDay service.
  • We insure your collections at the amount of $500,000 any time they are transported by an EZborrow courier. Your collection will also be insured for this amount any time we transport it to one of our valuation centers.
  • If you have made other arrangements to get your art to us we will also take the necessary steps to ensure your art is protected and insured.

With Us:

While your fine art is in our care you can rest easy knowing that it will be kept in a highly secure, temperature controlled facility. We have several respected storage partners including the team at Day & Meyer. When your art is stored with our partners we promise that their top priority is to keep it safe and protected. No matter what type of art you leave with us, we will take every step necessary to ensure it returns to you in its original condition.

Ultimate Care

When we say we provide the ultimate care for your fine art we really mean it. In fact, not only will we return your art in its original condition, we hope to return it in an even better condition. Before storing your artwork, we will provide you with a full condition report that details every aspect of your collection. Not only is this useful for your personal records, but it can also be of assistance if you plan on selling your art after paying back your loan.

You will be happy to know that we wrap all of the pieces we store in acid free tissue, place them in custom-made crates, and even create high-quality wooden cases to protect high value items. In addition, all of your artwork will be stored in a temperature-controlled room until the moment you pay back your loan and reclaim your assets.

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